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Most Frequently Asked Questions

As they say; “Communication is key” and nothing could be more true when it comes to shipping someones car, truck or fleet of vehicles. Why give your frustrated customer an update only when they call looking for one, why not send them a custom update everyday? Your customers will be blown away that they are receiving daily updates about their car like they would a package coming from Amazon or Ebay.

FreightUpdates is the only Transport Management system designed specifically for Auto Transport Brokers, Dispatchers and small trucking companies. All the TMS systems currently on the market are designed for large trucking companies and freight forwarders. They need to be able to record milage for IFTA taxes, complete digital BOL’s, scan barcodes, create an invoice, and so on and so fourth, all features that are designed specifically for large scale operations.
But what about the Brokers and Dispatchers that literally hold the entire shipment together from start to finish? Our biggest asset is good communication and customer service. FreightUpdates gives Brokers, Dispatchers and small trucking companies all the tools they need to communicate, update, track, and manage shipments like never before.
Not only will FreightUpdates save you money but it will help you make it!
Our clients have reported saving an average of 1.5 – 3 hours per day in phone and emailing time since integrating FreightUpdates into their daily operations. Customers will be so impressed with the level of customer service, your repeat and referral business will increased too.
Brokers do not track the actual truck, they track the status of the shipment. Update requests are sent directly to the truck driver or company dispatcher everyday that they are transporting the shipment. The driver responds with their daily progress and our system recognizes the response and sends the appropriate update to the customer for you.
As a broker or dispatcher you always need a copy of the BOL. Not only as proof the vehicles have been safely delivered, but also to process payments. FreightUpdates helps you stay organized by collecting BOL’s directly from the truck driver, receive COI’s from insurance companies, and even collect time stamped pictures of damages from drivers. Best of all they all get stored on your companies online dashboard. Need to pull up a time stamped picture of a damage or a BOL that was noted at the pickup location weeks later? Simply, type in the route ID# and pull up everything you need to protect yourself from a claim.
FreightUpdates is perfect for breaking down the language barrier and getting right to the point. By letting our devices talk for us we eliminate the uncomfortable conversations that come with speaking over the phone.

Concerned you cant understand the driver and might miss an important piece of information? Our system sends pre written text messages asking the truck driver about the status of the shipment, most phones will translate the message for the driver into their native language, all the driver has to do is text back one number and our system will do the rest.

Are you worried about sounding unprofessional over the phone because English is your second language? Our system will send pre written email updates directly to your customers for you. Simply choose from the list of email notifications and send professional updates with confidence.
We at FreightUpdates are dedicated to our members success! We want to make sure you have all the tools and training needed to succeed as a Broker, Dispatcher or owner operator. We will provide all the training needed in the use of FreightUpdates so that your company runs as seamlessly as possible. Have an idea to make FreightUpdates better, we want to hear from you.

No, you or the driver do not have to download an app in order to use FreightUpdates. Let’s face it, internet is not very reliable when out on the road, that is why we based our update system for drivers around text messages that utilize cellular service and not internet.

It’s Easy! Go to the pricing page, click on the sign up link, and get updated today. If you have any questions, our dedicated team is here to help. 

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