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Our goal is to provide Transport Brokers & Dispatchers a simple freight management platform that seamlessly collects and distributes shipping updates through text and e-mail.


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In the transport industry, one of the biggest challenges is keeping customers up to date on the status of their shipments. It’s even more challenging trying to collect those statuses from dispatchers and truck drivers. 

FreightUpdates.com allows freight brokers to easily collect status updates directly from the truck driver, as well as send those updates to clients and customers.

Our Legacy

FreightUpdates was created by myself, Robert Warren, and NO. I am not a computer guru!  I’m a Car Carrier, turned Transport Broker, turned Entrepreneur. I first got started in the auto transport industry over 10 years ago by becoming the managing partner of a auto transport company.

When I first joined the company, we only had one 3-car hotshot and one 8-car hauler. Within 2 years we grew our fleet to five 10-car stingers. After 4 years in business and learning everything that I could about the trucking side of the industry, I sold my portion of the business and opened my own auto transport brokerage. After a decade in the industry and countless trials and errors, I created FreightUpdates so Brokers & Dispatchers can easily track shipments, update customers and manage freight all from one platform.

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Brokering cars is where I fell in love with the transport industry. There was something about interacting with the customer and selling them on my services and expertise, then setting up a qualified carrier and following the transport all the way through, that really gave me a sense of business that I was searching for. When I first started out, I used to buy transport leads and I would cold-call and email customers all day-everyday. Then I moved on to building my client list. It was not easy, but I stuck with it and eventually aligned myself with the right people. I expanded from snow-birds, to car collectors, to small car dealerships, to custom tuner shops, to eventually shipping fleets of brand new vehicles for car dealerships all over the country. I even got involved with a private race car circuit where I was coordinating the shipping of race cars to and from race events. Within 2 years my business grew to the point where I had to hire 2 full time dispatchers; then a year later, another dispatcher and an office assistant. Before we knew it, we were doing over 4 million dollars a year in business.

Over my 10+ years of transport experience there is one thing that has always remained true: “Communication is Key!” I used to have one dispatcher that would spend all morning calling, texting, and emailing carriers trying to figure out the status of our shipments. Then she would spend the rest of the afternoon emailing all of our customers those shipping updates. Yes, our customer service was impeccable, but it was very time consuming and not very cost effective. Being a true broker at heart, I started looking for a quicker, easier way to get the job done. I tried multiple transport management software programs (TMS), email platforms, text messaging websites, and customer relations management systems (CRM); but nothing seemed to offer all of the features that I needed to operate efficiently. One platform let me send multiple text messages but not emails. Another let me send emails and save email templates but I had to input the shipping information for each email. By the time I clicked through all the different websites plus input all the information, it actually took longer than the old way of typing out a email for each update.
FreghtUpdates.com is the only Transport Management System that allows freight brokers to send a prewritten text message directly to the truck driver asking them for a shipping update. Based on the driver’s response, the system will either send an update to your online dashboard, or a shipping update directly to your customer. If you already know the status of the load and just need to send a customer update, all you have to do is select the proper update message from the dashboard and hit send. Our system will automatically input the load details and send a shipping notification to your customer. I created FreightUpdates.com to help my company run more efficiently and I know it will do the same for you.

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